How to List Your Car on Lakewood Car Finder

  1. Sign up for a new account by clicking on “add listing”.
  2. Confirm your email by clicking the link sent to your email inbox. (Click on “add listing”.)
  3. Listing Status – Choose “active”. If you are in negotiations with a potential buyer you can change this to “pending”. IMPORTANT: Change it to sold or delete the listing when your car is sold to avoid wasting the time of others.
  4. Category – Select the type of vehicle you will be listing. If your vehicle type is not on the list, choose “other”.
  5. Type – Select the specific type of vehicle.
  6. Make – Select the company which makes your vehicle. If the company of your vehicle is not listed, choose “other” and send us a message.
  7. Model – Select the name of your vehicle. If the name of your vehicle is not listed, choose “other” and send us a message.
  8. Trim – Select the trim of your vehicle. You can leave this blank.
  9. Price – Enter the amount you are asking for your car. If you would like to negotiate directly, you can leave this field blank and “call for price” will be displayed for the vehicle. You can add “or best offer” in the “offer type” field. 
  10. LIST YOUR CAR OR GET AN INSTANT OFFER. Money-back guarantee!

Money-back Guarentee!

If you need more help, Please send us an email to

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